Tire Optix

The digital inspection toolset enables you to capture data accurately and efficiently with instant results.

Tire Monitoring


Mobile platform with Bluetooth inspection device

Digital Inspection Collects

Tire pressure | Tread Depth | Tire wear conditions with photo capture

Vehicle mileage | DOT trailer compliance | Exception and resolution tracking

Insights and Analysis

Detailed inspection results | Overall tire condition health

Real-time, in-app tire exception alerts | Long-term product performance | Cost-per-mile-analysis

DOT trailer compliance reporting | Exception resolution reporting

Service Activation

Fleet HQ service coordination | Data-driven service deployment to increase labor efficiency

Best For

Any fleet of any size

More Tire Monitoring Equipment

Goodyear TPMS Plus
Goodyear TPMS Plus

A built in tire monitoring system for real time data anytime, anywhere.

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Goodyear CheckPoint
Goodyear CheckPoint

An automated drive-over reader that saves large fleets time and money.

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