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You can help save money and achieve a lower cost-per-mile by using Goodyear® retreads. They help extend the useful life of your casing while still providing performance and long tread life. Insist on Goodyear retreads instead of generic retreads to help your fleet get the lowest cost per mile.

The Value Of Retreading

Tire retreads are a great value for any fleet because only the tread is replaced. The casing is the most expensive part of the tire and can be used through several tread lifecycles. Goodyear closely monitors and tracks the condition of every casing to help ensure the quality of its retreads.

UniCircle® Retreads

Goodyear UniCircle retreads offer extended performance and the same appearance as new tires. They feature a spliceless construction because they’re made using the patented Goodyear retreading process. UniCircle retreads offer lasting toughness from their spliceless construction, as well as even treadwear and low rolling resistance due to uniform retread characteristics and dimensions. The end result promotes cost-efficient performance.

Precure Retreads

Precure retreads offer versatility. They’re available for almost any application. Plus, we offer retreads that match the tread designs of new tires for enhanced performance.


With Goodyear retreads, not only do you help save money, you help the environment. Retreading can allow you to use tire casings multiple times after the original tread is worn.

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A wide selection of high-quality Goodyear retreads are available at all Goodyear Network Dealers from coast to coast so you can spend more time on the road and less time searching for retreads.

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