UniCircle retreads help deliver a repeat performance thanks to their seamless construction and precise fit to the casing. Because there is no cutting or splicing, you get great traction and performance at a fraction of the cost of original tires.

Extend Tire Life Cycle

Goodyear matching retreads can help long haul, regional/urban and mixed service fleets of any size save money by offering a lower cost per mile compared to new tires. Plus, many retreads are SmartWay-verified.

Long-Lasting Performance

See how spliceless UnCircle retreads are installed

Whether you choose premium UniCircle retreads or matching precure retreads, your tires will offer the same tread performance as your originals. That means, Fuel Max and DuraSeal tires will continue to offer the same money-saving benefits even after retreading.

Gtracs Monitoring

See exactly where your retreads are as well as view high-level statistics of all your retreading business with Goodyear by logging into GTRACS.

Network Advantages

See the Goodyear Retreading Process

Goodyear’s retread process and control system give you confidence that no matter which Goodyear Network Dealer you visit, you will have access to the high-quality retreads you want backed by a nationwide limited warranty.

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